Seatrite Cushioned Rigidizer


18″W x 16″L x 3″-1″H

  • A typical wheelchair/transport chair is constructed with a sling suspended between two rails. Over time the sling stretches and sags when (user) weight is applied. This “hammocking” effect promotes poor posture and creates pressure hotspots. These pressure hotspots restrict blood flow which can potentially lead to skin ulcers without medical intervention
  • Ergonomically designed, SeatriteTM contributes to a more comfortable wheelchair/transport chair experience by neutralizing the sitting position
  • By neutralizing the seating position posture is corrected and the pressure-relieving cushion can properly relieve and evenly distribute sitting pressure over a greater surface area
  • Proper sitting posture is attained by cancelling or removing the hammocking effect. In this position, the pelvis sits in a neutral upright position. The spine is allowed to retain its natural “S” shape and the cushion contouring encourages the legs to stay parallel rather than meeting at the knees
  • A flatter seated position helps reduces pressure to the ischial or “sitbones” by dispersing pressure evenly underneath both legs and buttocks

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Size 18″W x 16″L x 3″-1″H
Warranty Limited One Year
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 3 in


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