Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope : Black 3MMASTER: Black 3MMASTER


The top of the line acoustic scope from Littmann… :

The superb craftsmanship and patented tunable diaphragm of the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope offer the ultimate superior performance in a single-sided stethoscope. :

    • Switch easily between low and high frequencies with 3M’s ‘Tunable Technology’ by shifting from light to firm pressure.
    • The single-sided ,solid stainless steel chestpiece is handcrafted and of the highest quality.
    • Includes special procedures adaptor for pediatric, neonatal or difficult to reach auscultation.
    • Double lumen tubing (two tubes in one) eliminates “rubbing noise” and allows for superior transmission and insulation of sound.
    • The excellent acoustic seal formed by comfortable Snap-Tight soft seal eartips reduces ambient noise.
    • Express your personal style by choosing from Littmann’s large range of chestpiece finishes and tubing colours.
    • Used as a diagnostic aid during thing physical assessments of heart, lung and bowel sounds.
    • Free repair on any manufacturing or material defects included in the 7 year warranty.
    • 10 out of 10 Littmann performance rating.
    • Black tubing (27”/68.5cm)
    • Polished Stainless Steel, Single-sided
    • Brand: Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope
    • User Group: Cardiologists, General Practitioners, Medical Students, Respiratory Specialist, ER, Critical Care Nurse, EMTs, Critical Care Nurse


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